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MacTrackd is an easy to use online health care and therapy management tool for parents, carers and whānau of children with global developmental delays or disabilities.
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Simple therapy goal setting using pictures with notifications and achievement tracking
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Visual overview of weekly or monthly schedule at a glance, customisable by category
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Easy file uploads with fast search by name or therapy and securely share with others
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Therapy, medication and appointments with reminders, instantly visible in personal calendars

We’re on a mission to make managing healthcare and therapy requirements easier for parents, carers and whānau of children with developmental delays or disabilities.

By changing the way parents, carers and whānau work with health and medical professionals, we can reduce stress and positively improve children's outcomes.

MacTrackd is an online and mobile tool, with the child at its core. It empowers parents, carers and whānau to easily stay on top of their child’s care with everything stored in one place and real time access, from anywhere.

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Built by parents who understand

Hello, I’m Emma, and along with hubby Paul we're building MacTrackd to help parents, carers and whanau of children with disabilities manage their care requirements, all in one place.

Navigating parenthood with a child that has disabilities adds unimaginable complexities. Instead of jumping beans, ballet class or little kickers, it's speech, physio or occupational therapy and yet another specialist appointment.

Emma Paul MacTrackd Founders with their Children New Zealand
When our son was born with a rare brain disorder, we had over 100 appointments in that first year of diagnosis. As well as multiple medications, different funding from everywhere, equipment applications and special dietary requirements.

We struggled to stay on top of it all. Having to bring providers up to speed, repeating our story over, and over, and over again.

MacTrackd puts parents, carers and whānau in control of their child’s world through a massive transformation of how they coordinate care, therapies and funding for their child. To make what is harder than it should be easier enabling focus on what really matters - caring for your child, to give them the best life they can have, and to reduce the longer term impact on the healthcare system.

Get in touch, I'd love to hear your journey!
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